MFA-110 Measuring System for Magnetic Fields

The MFA-110 is capable of measuring magnetic fields in a wide frequency and intensity range. It works vectorally by gapless capturing the field induced electric signals in a standard isotropic 100 cm² probe (or in a special probe) in all three orthogonal directions. The signals are filtered, amplified, digitized and stored as raw data on the PC disk. 


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Measurement and software concept

The M-Stream software processes the raw data including frequency dependent amplitude analysis via discrete Fourier transformation. Comparisons with various national and international standards or guidelines can be performed with different methods e. g. with the Weighted Peak Method. Customized standard limits can be created with the builtin editor. Various user settings for measurement and data processing allow fulfilling specific measurement tasks.

Standard Editor User Interface


  • Complete system including detection head, Data Acquisiti­on Box, software and PC (optional)
  • Gapless recording of field strength in the frequency range 1 Hz to 400 kHz according to all major ­standards (e. g. ICNIRP, BGV B11)
  • High resolution data capturing and storage of raw data
  • M-STREAM software for transparent data analysis including comparison with many international and national guidelines in one system
  • Open system, own guidelines can be implemented by the user­

Template mode of M-Stream