TriM – Measurement of the Magnetic Moment

In most applications permanent magnets shall provide a specific magnetic flux (e. g. in electric machines) or a specific spatial field distribution (e. g. sensors). The determing factor is the magnetic moment Mm and not only the remanence induction of the magnet.

TriM stands for measurement of the magnetic moment and allows the fast and cost-effective determination of Mm as well as further characteristic values. The measuring devices if offered including Helmholtz coils, Fluxgate meter and user-friendly software.


Fields of application

  • Precise rating of series deliveries by the calculation of the working point polarization Jr’ from the volume
  • Measurement of magnets with bended or untreated pole faces or broken edges (Mm is calculated from the volume via weight and specific density)
  • Calibration of Permagraph measurements of high energy density magnets (SmCo, NdFeB)
  • Precise calculation of the remanence induction Br with the permanent permeability µp
  • Calculation of the grade of saturation after magnetization (Has the magnet been fully magnetized? Has the magnet been partially demagnetized?)
  • Rating of the coercivity HcJ of the magnetic material after exposure at different temperatures in the sheared condition

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