Magnet Systems


Permanent magnetic tool for contactless guiding of magnetic particles 

Based on permanent magnets, the system in hand yields the possibility to move suspended iron oxide nanoparticles (SPIONs) along arbitrary trajectories and observe them under most commercially available microscopes.

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Magnet Systems

The term “magnet system“ describes devices that alter physical properties as for example current into a different physical property like force.

Concept and Design

The concept and design of complex magnet systems mostly consists of theoretical calculation, well-grounded experience and a gradual experimental approach. Besides the initial electromagnetic problem, environmental conditions, material specific properties and joining technologies play a major role.

A professional approach considerably reduces the expenses and facilitates the ideal technical solution.

Our area of expertise

  • Magnetic circuits for sensors and actuators
  • Permanent magnet machines for motors
  • Eddy current-, hysteresis- and permanent magnet couplings
  • Magnetic circuits for deflection, focusing or acceleration of particles
  • Bonding-, attenuation systems and signal record systems
  • Optimized power supplies for fast switching systems
  • Magnetic shielding, stray field measurements and characteristic curves
  • Consulting and conceptual design of magnetic measurement and testing technology
  • Field generating systems for technical use and scientific applications

SEKELS GmbH has a profound knowledge through well grounded long term activity on system technology, adequate materials and bonding techniques. We design and produce from prototypes to large-scale production.


We offer

  • Professional consultation
  • Calculation, FEM simulation
  • Prototypes, tests, measurements
  • Profound knowledge of magnetic materials and their machining
  • Long term experience with magnet systems used under influence of unusual, problematic environmental conditions


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