Measuring Services

Helmholtz based magnetic field measuring device

SEKELS GmbH operates devices for the generation of homogeneous magnetic fields in a wide space. Such devices are used to determine the efficiency of shielding systems against static and low-frequency magnetic fields or to test electronic devices with respect to either their stability in magnetic interfering fields or their radiation of interfering magnetic fields. The devices are used for own R & D projects and are available for measuring services.


Properties and features

  • Strong and homogeneous magnetic field within a large space
  • Automatic computer controlled measurements in a wide frequency and amplitude range
  • High spatial resolution via sensor arrays (up to 40 channels)
  • Field sensors of various types and sizes available (Fluxgate-, Hall- and search coils, linear and 3D sensors)
Coil system 1000 mm 2000 mm
Frequency range DC und 0,1 - 2000 Hz DC und 0,1 - 2000 Hz
Amplitude range 7,74 mT (DC) ... 0,08 mT (2000 Hz) 3,34 mT (DC) ... 0,05 mT (2000 Hz)

On site magnetic field measurements

To allow the correct choice of magnetic shielding techniques, we also perform interference field measurements at our customers’ sites. Thanks to our wide range of sensor types (see above) we are able to cover a great span of amplitudes and frequencies.


Hysteresis measurements

For measurements of magnetic properties at material samples, we possess a high-capacity hysteresis measuring station where we determine e. g. the following quantities:

  • relative magnetic permeability at different field strengths µr(H)
  • coercive forces HcJ and HcB
  • saturation induction Bs
  • remanence Br

Also soft-magnetic losses at different frequencies can be examined here.

Thermal test chamber

If required, a thermal test chamber is also provided.


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