Alloys for Laminations and Core Packages

Depending on the requirements, several soft magnetic alloys with different permeability leves and saturation flux density are available. Besides the conventional silicon steels (e. g. TRAFOPERM®), NiFe alloys are used for higher demands on AL value, core losses or pulse permeability.

The best magnetic values are achieved with  80 % NiFe-alloys (MUMETALL®, or the higher grade VACOPERM® 100). 50 % NiFe-alloys (PERMENORM® 5000 H2) could be an alternative. Due to their higher saturation flux density they often allow a smaller built of the component.

The table below shows typical magnetic properties of the named alloys. Please consider that the practical values are somewhat lower due to mechanical handling and air gap effects. These values are defined in the "Magnetic Qualities". For more information please download our Product Information from the page Forms of Supply.

The values in brackets are the peak value of the flux density B in Tesla [T]. All values are typical for stacked or glued laminations.