Magnetic shielding foils, tubes and cans

Magnetic shielding foils

Soft magnetic materials need to see an annealing treatment for optimal properties. Elastic tension and especially plastic deformation seriously reduce the permeability and thus the shielding efficiency. However in many applications foils from MUMETALL® are suitable for first basic tests and allow a good judgement of the requirered shielding measures (e. g. with cans or specific shaped boxes with higher wall thickness). In some cases they are even sufficient to solve the problem.


Shielding foils from MUMETALL®

Shielding foils from MUMETALL® are available w/o or with adhesive layer in a size of 0,1 x 155/260 mm and variable length starting from 1 m.

Shielding foils from the amorphous alloy VITROVAC® 6025 X 

Shielding foils from the amorphous alloy VITROVAC® 6025 X feature a unique combiation of mechanical hardness and flexibility with permeabilties higher than those of MUMETALL® foils of the same thickness. Furthermore the magnetic properties are by far less sensitiv against elastic tensions (bending) due to the low magnetostriction of the alloy. Main applications are cable shieldings with small winding diameter as well as fast and flexible solutions against weaker magnetic fields. Foils from VITROVAC® are available in widths up to 50 mm with a strip-thickness of 0,02 mm.

Shielding Foils from VITROVAC PDF

Compound shielding foils

Compound shielding foils with 2 or 4 layers of the naonocrystalline alloy VITROPERM® 800 X: Please contact us in case of interest.

Shielding tubes in MUMETALL®

Shielding tubes from the high permeability alloy MUMETALL® are used to shield sensitive (against magnetic fields) cables or to avoid magnetic field radiation from electric cables. Such problems may occur in aircrafts or ships or with sensitive medical eqipment.

Compared with copper shielding, MUMETALL® shielding tubes are effective at static or very low frequency fields. The tubes are available in standard nominal diameters from 6 to 32 mm. With a shielding factor of about 200 they effectively protect from and against magnetic fields.

Shielding cans in MUMETALL®

Shielding cans are typically produced by punch drawing and a consequent magnetic annealing treatment. This ensures an otptimum shielding effect. Please contact us for available standard sizes and customer-specific solutions.




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