Sample Kit Common Mode Chokes

Vacuumschmelze GmbH & Co. KG (VAC) presents a new sample kit of Common Mode Cokes with nanocrystalline VITROPERM® cores. The kit contains 24 selected chokes from the new UL 1446 standard series. for 1, 3 and 4-phase applications, from 4 to 48 A and operational voltages between 300 and 1000 V.

The nanocrystalline cores feature permeabilities in the range from 5000 up to more than 150000 in combination with a saturation flux density of 1.2 T. The chokes offer a pronounced broadband damping characteristic, often allowing a significant reduction of the size of the choke in comparison with standard solutions. Furthermore the chokes offer a high efficiency, low winding capacity and a stable damping in a wide temperature range.

The kits are available for € 200.-/piece.


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